Hi there. I’m Carlo Mencarelli.

I am an Infrastructure Engineer at HackerOne. I spend my days working with AWS and helping the team grow into great engineers. I enjoy working with tech like Terraform or architecting systems that are purpose-built. I spend my off time writing about the public cloud, security, and organizational topics relating to engineering - Really whatever is sparking my curiosity at the moment.

I’ve worked in various levels of engineering, from tier one support to senior system engineering, focusing on architecture for mission-critical systems. In both small late-stage startups and large Fortune 500 defense corporations. I started out with an enlistment in the United States Marine Corps as logistical support. The time I spent as an active duty Marine remains one of the more influential periods in my life. I was able to experience so much during my short enlistment that it seems like it flew by.

After my honorable discharge, I attained a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the Florida Institute of Technology. The program was leaning more towards business than I anticipated. Still, it gave me an interesting perspective on the inner workings of companies that I like to think make me more customer and expense-focused.

My education was paused after my undergraduate work for a few years as I focused on my career. In 2019 I finished my Master’s degree in Applied Data Science from Syracuse University. Using my proficiency in Python, I was able to focus more on statistical theory, providing me with a very rounded education.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to check out my GitHub or email me directly at me@carlo.cloud